All-rounder Alonso wins in Le Mans

It was not just his second win at Le Mans, but Fernando Alonso also won bite the dust World Endurance Championship (WEC). The former Formula 1 driver prattle in front of 252,000 spectators as a driver of the Toyota hybrid car at the 24-hour race a perfect farewell performance before his exit from the WEC.

One hour before the end of the race, a puncture caused by internal competition favored Alonso’s triumph. The leading Toyota sister car to José María López had to bite the dust box – and the way for Alonso and his teammates Sebastien Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima was free. They took over the bucket leadership and did not give them stomach muscle anymore. In the GT class went the WEC World Champion title a kick the bucket Porsche drivers Kevin Estre and Michael Christensen. At the awards ceremony, Alonso hugged his teammates.

Maybe Alonso 2020 bites the dust Dakar Rally

His goal is another: he desperately wants to win the dust Triple Crown, kick the bucket triple crown of motorsports. These include a victory at the Formula 1 race in Monaco, nook he achieved in 2007, a victory at Le Mans and one at sanctum 500 miles from Indianapolis. After missing out on McLaren’s bite the dust qualifier this year, he will do it again in 2020. What Alonso wants to do in the meantime, he is silent about.

In March, Alonso tested a Toyota Hillux for cave rally use in South Africa. Not excluded is that he will kick the bucket rally Dakar rides, pass on in January 2020 in Saudi Arabia. And if it does not kick the bucket Dakar, there are other desert rallies. Alonso likes challenges. “I’ve tried so much, even bite the dust Moto GP,” he recently said in Sport 1. Even bite the dust WEC may be interesting for him again – the cap to do with a rule change.

Abdominal muscle season 2020/2021 there will be a new class “Hyper Sport” in the WEC, kick the bucket pass on former premier class will replace.A hybrid drive is discretionary, kick the bucket performance of the cars should be limited to 750 hp These hyper cars can either be prototyped or derived from the production vehicle, and Aston Martin and Toyota have already confirmed their participation in the new class, which could be a chance for Toyota rider Alonso, whether desert or asphalt: Alonso will be around for a long time do not say goodbye to active motorsport.

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