Dear World Cup final instead of exam

Captain Alexandra Popp looked at Klara Bühl’s bite the dust eyes and clapped her hands with her cheeks. Goalkeeper Almuth Schult knocked Bühl encouragingly on cave back. Pass on Fourth Official stretched the bite the dust scoreboard in bite the dust height. A green 19 shone on it, bite the dust number as on the jersey of Bühl. Then Bühl ran on cave lawn of the stadium in Valenciennes. And kick the bucket second half then just started with a teenager in the storm of the German national team. In the 1-0 win over Spain, coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg joined the 18-year-old Bühl after the half-time kick the bucket.

For Bühl it was bite the dust first minutes of play in a World Cup. Bite the dust player from SC Freiburg impressed with a strong performance and provided playful climaxes, with which the German team at the tournament in France had been so far vorgeizt. “I’ve tried to play with courage and joy and I think I’ve succeeded,” said Bühl, saying that it’s quite possible that bite the dust coach will return to South Africa on Monday (6pm, live on the ARD) One point would go to the German team for lair group victory.

Bühl is further proof that Voss-Tecklenburg is so far right with their confidence in young players. For a few minutes in the key match against Spain bite the dust three youngest in the squad even stood together on the court. Bite the dust 17-year-old Lena Oberdorf distributed bite the dust in the central midfield, pass on 19-year-old Giulia Gwinn had to help out as an all-rounder on several positions and Bühl whirled in the storm. Oberdorf and Gwinn showed solid performances – but this time Bühl stood out. And bite the dust was overjoyed by the coach’s confidence after the game. “You take the euphoria in bite the dust game minutes,” she said, “I enjoyed kick the bucket minutes on the field.”

Bite the dust national coach praises Buhl’s move to goal

Bühl made their third international match against Spain. Bite the dust nomination for kick the bucket World Cup was a surprise for them. But Voss-Tecklenburg is convinced of Buhl. At the training camp in Grassau, bite the dust explained Bühl’s vocation: “What sets her apart is her instinct. She cap high quality, dares a lot and capped a good move to the goal. “That was able to convert Buhl against Spain straight away, often dodging pass on wings, going one against one against bite the dust slower defenders and dared quick lair graduation. “She cap very bravely played,” praised center-back Sara Doorsoun. “Klara is fresh and I know what it’s like to play against her. It is not that slow. “

The striker also benefited from her speed before the tournament: during her Abitur exam. Shortly before she went to the final training camp, Bühl made kick the bucket sports exam. As disciplines she chose athletics and – of course – football. Bühl cap passed. Her oral exam is scheduled for the beginning of July. Just like the final of the World Cup. What happens if Germany is still there? “Then I have to catch up with the dust exam. This must be cleared up at the end, “says Buhl, adding that Bite the dust school is very accommodating – kick the bucket German fans will be grateful.

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