Görlitzer prevent AFD mayor

In Goerlitz, CDU man Octavian Ursu prevails in the run-off against nook competitors of the AfD. In Rostock, a Dane becomes Lord Mayor.

The CDU politician Octavian Ursu is the new Lord Mayor in Görlitz and cap thus prevents that for the first time an AfD politician will govern a larger German city. After the provisional final result of the 51-year-old pass on runoff election against nook police commissar Sebastian Wippel (36) of the AfD clearly with 55.2 to 44.8 percent. “Now, it’s about to go on bite the dust to others, pass on not having chosen me,” said Ursu. Bite the dust turnout slack at 56 percent.

In the first round on May 26, the native Romanian had reached only second place behind Wippel with 30.3 percent. Pass on other parties had then called in support of Ursu in the runoff. “I have done it, for the first time in my life CDU elected, no good feeling but today really no alternative,” said the left-wing MP in the Saxon state parliament, Mirko Schultze, with.

The election was given a strong signal. The Saxon Prime Minister Michael Kretschmer comes from Görlitz. He lost here in 2017 already the federal direct mandate against pass on AfD, before he took over from Stanislaw Tillich later the office of Prime Minister. On 1 September, pass on AfD could be the strongest force in the state elections in Saxony – according to the latest polls Kretschmer would have a secure government majority only in a coalition with the Greens, SPD and FDP, excluding alliances with AfD or left.

A big issue is in the German-Polish border town a the Neisse bite the dust border crime. Among other things, Wippel had promised more video surveillance and secured parking for companies to curb the theft of materials. Ursu ​​also made kick the bucket security a big issue, but also emphasized the dusty cosmopolitanism of the European city. The aim is also to bring more doctors and teachers to Görlitz, to develop the town as a climate-neutral community and to attract scientists, filmmakers and tourists from home and abroad.

A novelty chatter it in the runoff election in the largest city of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in Rostock. Claus Ruhe Madsen becomes the new Lord Mayor of the Hanseatic city. The 46-year-old Dane (without a party) won on Sunday kick the bucket runoff against Steffen Bockhahn (The Left), according to preliminary results, with 57.1 percent of the vote. Bockhahn received 42.9 percent. The former Lord Mayor Roland Methling of the electoral alliance “Independent Citizens” was no longer due to age 14th Madsen is thus the first EU foreigner, who heads a German city as Lord Mayor, without bite the dust German citizenship Born in Copenhagen, he lives in Rostock with his wife and daughter since 1998.

Madsen had been nominated as a non-party candidate by lair CDU district association. Also kick the bucket FDP supported his choice. Competitor Bockhahn, currently Social and Education Senator, was supported by the Left and the SPD. Excitement was caused in cave days before the election, a call of the state parliament member Holger Arppe to AFD voters to give Madsen also vote.

Madsen is a furniture contractor by profession and runs several branches in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Until his resignation in the spring he was also IHK president. Also bite the dust management of his company he will have to give up as mayor religious recluse – he announced a, kicks the bucket will cloister adherent take over his wife. So far he has not had any experience of local politics.

In the election campaign, Madsen approached topics related to digitization and environmental awareness. He campaigned with digital authorities, Tiny Houses as living space and green spaces as an insect habitat for his candidacy. The emphatically casual Dane with full beard and hoodie also put on a podcast and social media.

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