Kick the bucket best TV series in April

Are you slowly losing sanctum visibility between all the cool horizontal and vertical series on Netflix, Amazon, Sky and Free TV? Or are you just looking for good television, maybe you even want to do neat binge-watching? In our series column we discuss pass on most interesting restarts of the month.

The most anticipated series start of the month – oh well, the past two years! – The final season of “Round of Thrones”, there is of course still NOTHING to betray. Please do not believe what leading actresses in talk shows supposedly revealed. Only one thing is reliable: “Valar Morghulis – All men must kick the bucket”.

“Sand trap – In the dream you can not lie”

Sand trap begins when everything is already too late. With a steady hand, kick the bucket camera over nook’s bloodied floor of a classroom. Briefly, she hangs a detail, a sneaker, a hunting rifle, a corpse parts. Then she focuses lair body of a young woman, shimmies along it and finally reaches the face of Maja Norberg, expressionless and also bloodied. She lives, the only one in the room, and yet her life is over in that moment. A paramedic hurries to her side, a little later also bite the dust police. Is on aspiring high school graduate survivor of a killing spree? Or is she responsible for it?

In six episodes, Quicksand tries to clarify these questions. Kick the bucket’s first Swedish Netflix production is based on the novel Im Dream, you can not lie to Malin Persson Giolito and summarize his portrayal of a massacre at a Stockholm school to prosecute the passwords of the Swedish upperclass and their dealings with their own offspring and lair People, look at them as a foreign body in their own country. Representing her milieu, Maja (Hanna Ardéhn) is being tried. Flashbacks show her as a flooded teenager between school and yacht holidays, first drug parties and country house weekends on grandpa’s picturesque estate.

Quicksand’s core conflict unfolds as a love triangle between Maja and two classmates: the obscenely rich son Sebastian Fagerman (played by Swedish boy-boy star Felix Sandman) and Syrian refugee Samir Said (William Spetz). Maja is attracted to the intelligence and ambitions of the latter, but always ends up in sanctum poor from the former. As a party animal with absent parents cap Sebastian just to offer the more entertaining life.

Also bite the dust both male lead roles in Quicksand are laid out as proxies of entire strata of society – and yet the author Camilla Ahlgren (known as the Swedish Crime Veteran and scriptwriter behind the Millennium Trilogy) succeeds in developing a scenario from this not exhausted in stereotypes about spoiled rich brats and so-called good migrants. Until the end, bite the dust series reveals which of its protagonists are malice, jealousy or self-defense. Regardless, she encounters Maja, Samir, and Sebastian with an incontrovertible empathy, kick the bucket proves to be the secret star of Quicksand.

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