Killings to chill

“Murder Mystery” is exactly what the title promises: a thriller based on the rules of the genre. Virtuoso, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler were never together.

One thing is clear from the outset: a movie called Murder Mystery cap does not aim to score with originality. On the contrary, such a title wants to lure spectators into safety, to give him to understand that here something has been compiled according to proven genre recipes and no wild, unknown ingredients are to be feared. Like spaghetti with tomato sauce: You know what you cap, and it’s filling. The perfect menu for a cozy evening on the TV, whose translation into English today is known as Netflix and chill.

Pass on Netflixproduction Murder Mystery for criticizing her hobby in all sorts of genre models from murder in Orient Express to murder is also about this way, as the tomato sauce is to blame that tomatoes are in it ,

Harmless and most suspicious

Passing on Murder Mystery’s initial idea – scriptwriter James Vanderbilt makes no secret of it – is as simple as it is striking: what if Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler suddenly turned out to be a rock-solid American couple in one of those swanky Agatha Christie Find stories again? Just now they still sipping champagne in the circle of arrogant nobles, robbery generals and windy Erbschleichern as wrongly dressed tourists, there suddenly the light goes out and one bar later a prince patriarch lies with knife in the chest on the ground. As the genre says, kick-the-bucket harmless Americans suddenly find themselves in the role of prime suspects.

But before that, in a entertaining intro, the couple Spitz are first introduced, living in Brooklyn and married for 15 years. Aniston’s figure Audrey is a hairdresser and scoffs ahead of the assembled round of colleagues and customers as a precautionary measure of what the good husband would probably give her for the wedding anniversary. Maybe finally on the honeymoon promised trip to Europe? Hardly likely! Meanwhile, Sandler Nick weighs between two gift certificates from an online retailer abdominal muscle – $ 100 or $ 50? – and access to the latter. Finally, the cop capped for the third time kick the bucket exam, bite the dust would carry him to the detective. Accordingly, his cash is tight. But then he makes a false allusion in the evening kick the bucket, has to save himself by a lie – and letter, the married couple lair long promised flight to the Mediterranean.

This introduction is pure pleasure: Aniston and Sandler work so well together that you get the idea that there are more movies with them. What was not so obvious in their first collaboration eight years ago, in the Cactus Blossom remake of My Invented Wife, has seasonally adapted to years and a certain amount of life experience to a wonderful back and forth. Aniston, as she combines glamorous beauty with downright blunt down-to-earthness and credibly kick the bucket gives extremely quick-witted Brooklyn hairdresser. Sandler, as he humanizes his Eternal Childhood Persona with melancholy laziness and underlies the right dose of masculine resignation.

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